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Utah FFG

Below is the Fast Facts Guide for Utah. Feel free to print this for your agency's use. GAINSCO Fast Facts Guide - Utah  

4 Myths About Insurance and e-Signatures

4 Myths About Insurance and E-Signatures While speaking at an insurance conference recently, I shared examples of how e-signatures are transformative because the technology now makes it possible to fully digitize the insurance sales and [...]

e-Signatures are Legal

The Legal Brief: A brief word about the legal stuff... Do you wonder whether electronic signatures (e-Signatures) are legally binding? The answer is a resounding YES. e-Signatures are as binding as a pen-and-ink signature. [...]

GAINSCO Auto Insurance’s e-Signature Top 7

Top 7 Reasons Insurance Agents Love e-Signature GAINSCO agents are not only using e-Signature, but they are boasting about it and its many benefits. Here are the Top 7 reasons to use e-Signature. It’s [...]