Auto Insurance Agencies Reduce E&O Exposure with e-Signature

No Risky Business

Who wants to worry about risk in their insurance business? e-Signature guarantees that you won’t miss any signatures when binding auto insurance polices with GAINSCO. No missed signatures means less E&O exposure for you. After all, the last thing you want to worry about is an E&O claim.

So how does e-Signature guarantee that no signatures are missed? Your customer signs the first signature block with a quick click. Then, he or she goes to the next signature block and clicks it. A helpful icon on the left indicates the number of signatures left to sign. Within a few seconds, your customer can click on the signature blocks, and all the signatures are done. Easy as that!

e-Signature is GAINSCO’s preferred method for signing insurance documents. One reason we implemented this is decreased risk for you. Plus, you can use e-Signature for your customers who are unable to come to your office. This means you can increase your potential auto insurance customer base with your customers who call or email to complete their auto insurance transactions.

One of the bottom lines of e-Signature is: no paper to print and perfectly completed forms, every time.

So, are you ready to get started with e-Signature? Log in to to start an auto insurance quote. You can also refer to the helpful e-Signature Support Guide here.