Agents Who Love e-Signature with GAINSCO Auto Insurance

Straight from the mouths of GAINSCO insurance agents…


Here are some of the quotes from GAINSCO insurance agents who have already used e-Signature:

Connie Fox from Shawnee, OK, said: “I like e-Signature because it is very convenient. When a customer calls in, I can do the quote over the phone immediately and email them the documents. It’s very easy and self-explanatory.”

Anita Berryhill from an insurance agency in Farmington, NM, agrees with this. She even went so far as to do an experiment! She reported back: “Now it officially takes me 7 minutes at the most to quote and bind a policy and have the customer out the door…and I know that because I had someone time me because of how much faster I was able to complete everything.”

Anita continued with saying: “All in all, I use e-Signature because it saves me time on binding the policy and also on administrative work that I don’t have time to do. This has made life easier for both my customers and me.”

We heard from an independent insurance agent in Virginia as well. Denize Espinoza from Fredericksburg told us: “I used e-Signature yesterday, and it was great! It worked flawlessly, and it made my job much easier.”

LaCrystal from Electric City Insurance in South Carolina agreed: “It’s fast and it shaves time off the application process. I don’t have to load paper in the printer or fax anything. I love it so far.”

Experience what these independent insurance agents are enjoying. Start using e-Signature today!