The Agent’s Guide to SR-22 Insurance at GAINSCO

When working in the nonstandard auto insurance space, insurance agents will likely have customers who require an SR-22 certificate. Whether you will be supporting SR-22 customers depends on the state where you are writing policies. New Mexico and Oklahoma do not require SR-22 certificates, but most other states that GAINSCO policies support do require SR-22s for specific reasons.

Below, we’re going to give you some background on SR-22s and how you can easily manage the process with GAINSCO, so let’s get started with the basics.

What is an SR-22?

An SR-22 is a state-required certificate that acknowledges that a driver has minimum liability insurance; it may also be referred to as a certificate of financial responsibility. Once their coverage begins, an SR-22 certificate is issued to the state on behalf of the GAINSCO policyholder.

Who requires an SR-22 certificate?

There are several instances when an SR-22 may be required for a driver. Almost all drivers who need one have had a severe violation while driving a motor vehicle, such as the following:

  • DUI or DWI conviction
  • Driving with an expired license
  • Prior at-fault accident(s)
  • Driving without insurance coverage
  • Multiple violations within a short time frame

While this list does not encompass all driving violations that would require a state-mandated SR-22 certificate, it gives you an idea of some of the most prevalent violations.

What is the process for supporting insurance customers who require an SR-22 certificate?

Customers requiring an SR-22 certificate will usually let you know when they come to you seeking a policy. Most people in need of an SR-22 certificate have been provided an SR-22 case number via mail, and they should give this number to you to receive a quote.

Here’s what you do next:

  • Log into GAINSCOconnect to access the Quote and Policy Center
  • Enter the driver’s information as you normally would to receive a quote
  • Under the Driver(s) section on the left-hand navigation, select SR-22 from the “State Filing” dropdown and enter the case number

If you’re an established GAINSCO agent in UT, AZ, TX, TN, VA, SC, GA, FL, or AL, your quote screen may vary slightly, and you will need to select the SR-22 option in the appropriate field when quoting a policy.

How Long Does an SR-22 certificate take to complete?

Since GAINSCO is a leader in SR-22 compliance, one of the advantages of quoting policies with us for SR-22 drivers is that we start the certificate process immediately once the quote is bound. The SR-22 certificate is available for print at the point of sale. GAINSCO will send the SR-22 to the state on behalf of the driver. Your customers will have better peace of mind knowing that they have received the required documentation needed to drive safely on the road and that they are in compliance with state requirements.

Are there any fees associated with SR-22 certification?

There is a nominal fee associated with the filing. Any additional fees or surcharges will vary by state.

The GAINSCO Advantage

We’re here to help you make the most of your nonstandard car insurance business. Our expertise in the industry provides agents and their customers with speedier support and reliable coverage, and we’ll help you every step of the way.

Do not hesitate to reach out to your sales leader with any further questions regarding SR-22 certificates. Follow us on LinkedIn to see more advice and tips for managing a nonstandard auto insurance business.