Supporting Auto Insurance Customers with GAINSCO Discounts

Tax season is here, and that means that independent agents have an opportunity to support new and existing auto insurance customers who are ready to secure minimum-limits auto policy coverage with their tax refunds.

GAINSCO has a variety of discounts and benefits that customers can take advantage of to potentially lower their monthly premiums and make reliable coverage more manageable than ever before. We’ll walk you through a few of our most popular options to start supporting auto insurance customers today:

Advance Shopping Discount

You can help insurance customers save on their premium by binding their GAINSCO policy 3-30 days before their policy start date (in some states, even as early as one day prior to the effective date). This discount is especially advantageous for your current GAINSCO customers ready for renewal.

Insider Scoop: You can view and manage your renewal offers in GAINSCOconnect by monitoring the renewal offers tab on the reports dropdown.

Pay-in-Full (PIF) Discount

Tax season is a great time for customers to use our pay-in-full discounts and lower their premium by paying in advance for their GAINSCO policy. Our competitive PIF discount will not only provide more peace of mind, but it will save your customers money in the long run.

AutoPay Discount

Your customers can enjoy a lower premium just by putting their payments on autopilot with GAINSCO. Discuss payment options with your new and current GAINSCO customers to see if AutoPay is right for them. They can take advantage of AutoPay by signing up through our self-service customer portal.

Prior Coverage Discount

If your customer can provide proof of four continuous months of prior coverage with less than a 60-day lapse in coverage before their GAINSCO policy’s effective date, they may qualify for a prior coverage discount. Be sure to check your underwriting guidelines for full details on this special discount.

Homeowner’s Discount

GAINSCO offers a discount for customers that own a home. Home types accepted include mobile homes, condos, and townhomes. Be on the lookout for qualified customers with current homeowners’ policies who may be a good fit for minimum-limits coverage through GAINSCO.

Final Thoughts on Supporting Auto Insurance Customers

The above are just some of the discounts available to eligible GAINSCO customers that can help them secure the lowest GAINSCO premiums. Your state’s underwriting guidelines include a comprehensive list of state-specific discounts and qualifications to help you further support your GAINSCO customers, now and in the future.

It’s also important to keep in mind that discounts and their stipulations can vary by state, and you should consult your state’s GAINSCO underwriting guidelines in your GAINSCOconnect portal for a more comprehensive explanation of applicable discounts.



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