2016 Nov, 18

e-Signatures are Legal

The Legal Brief: A brief word about the legal stuff... Do you wonder whether electronic signatures (e-Signatures) are legally binding? The answer is a resounding YES. e-Signatures are as binding as a pen-and-ink signature. In some cases, they are even more so due to authentication data that proves who signed the document. Also, [...]

2016 Nov, 3

Agents Who Love e-Signature with GAINSCO Auto Insurance

Straight from the mouths of GAINSCO insurance agents... Here are some of the quotes from GAINSCO insurance agents who have already used e-Signature: Connie Fox from Shawnee, OK, said: “I like e-Signature because it is very convenient. When a customer calls in, I can do the quote over the phone immediately and email them [...]

2016 Nov, 3

GAINSCO Auto Insurance’s e-Signature Top 7

Top 7 Reasons Insurance Agents Love e-Signature GAINSCO agents are not only using e-Signature, but they are boasting about it and its many benefits. Here are the Top 7 reasons to use e-Signature. It’s fast. It’s very easy for both my customer and me. I don’t miss any signatures, which means less E&O exposure, which [...]

2016 Nov, 3

Auto Insurance Agencies Reduce E&O Exposure with e-Signature

No Risky Business Who wants to worry about risk in their insurance business? e-Signature guarantees that you won’t miss any signatures when binding auto insurance polices with GAINSCO. No missed signatures means less E&O exposure for you. After all, the last thing you want to worry about is an E&O claim. So how [...]